.the book
This is a book on evil, vicious, devilish and funny ways to get even.
Are you sick of hearing people telling you
'just move on'..? If so, welcome to 101 evil, funny and vicious ways to get back at your cheating boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife

101 Evil, Funny & Vicious Ways To Get Back at Your
Cheating Ex Boyfriend or Girlfriend

The reason this book or handy revenge manual was written was because I've been all over the internet looking for ways to get back at my ex for cheating on me with an ex friend. All I could find was a lot of people telling me "don't do anything'", "be successful and move on" or telling me some crap about "Karma". Screw that, I have a better idea, I believe in an eye for an eye and that it can’t come back to you if you didn’t do it FIRST

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#12 Alaska Fish
Alaska Fish Fertilizer, one of the world’s worst smelling substances, take it and pour it into the air vent of the car. The car simply cannot be driven
with that smell.

#27 Start dating your ex’s co-workers
An everyday reminder should piss them off.

#72 Pee cubes
Pee in the ice cube tray. Drink a lot of water so your pee is clear.